About US

By bringing together the experience of Raytec Vision and Cultiva as Gemini Farm Machinery, we are preserving the values and history that define us, while keeping an eye on the future. As well as sending out a strong message, we are a team dedicated to being a world-class brands manufacturer and service provider of a performance products to meet all the harvest needs of the salad fresh-cut market.

Our Mission

We are a customer-focused manufacturer and service supplier of high-performance agricultural machinery that meet the needs of the salad growers and fresh cut industry.

Our Vision

Global leadership in salad harvesting equipment by meeting the needs of the fresh cut market, through supplying the growers with the highest food safety technology for the harvesting operations.

The first salad greens harvester with chlorophyll analysis optical sorter

The fastest way to transfer your product from the field to the cooler


Gemini S.r.l.

SS309 Romea n°23
45014 Porto Viro
Rovigo – Italy

p.iva 01533260293

phone: +39 0426 305 156

e-mail: info@geminiagro.com
website: www.geminiagro.com