Bellavista General Description

BELLAVISTA is the first salad greens harvester with chlorophyll analysis optical sorter.

This particular harvesting machine has been designed to provide further checks on salad greens right from the field, ensuring the processing plants receive a product already without the coarsest foreign bodies.

BELLAVISTA is the result of a close collaboration between Gemini, Raytec Vision and Bosch Rexroth; a partnership implemented in order to create a high-performance and reliable product in the harvesting of a range of salad greens and baby leaves, with it ease of using instilling immediate confidence in the operator.

The powerful 74Hp engine, the Rexroth traction and the electronic distributor drive this harvester over any type of obstacle, meaning it is able to tackle even the most difficult working conditions.

BELLAVISTA has been built using electrical components with a high level of protection against moisture (IP66), also making it suitable for handy daily washing.

Bellavista Layout

Bellavista Booklet