From the strong propensity to innovation of Raytec Vision and Cultiva is born Gemini; innovative startup that benefits from the experience of two important companies rooted in the food industry for years.

    Gemini was born to start in the field, through its harvesters for salads, the enhancing process of the fresh cut; helping to guarantee the consumer a safe and quality product.

    The innovative salad harvester with optical sorter, allow the removal of any type of foreign body directly in the field, at the time of collection.

    With Gemini, the quality of leafy products can finally start from the field !!!


    Cultiva is a global company, worldwide leader in the fresh-cut sector. The company produces throughout Italy, the beating heart of the group and headquarters of the production plant, as well as in the USA and Mexico.

    The history of Cultiva started in Chioggia (Veneto), then moved to the USA, then in England and Sweden, before coming back to Italy in 2005 to start up again. Our business stems from the love of agriculture handed down from father to son.

    Headquarter is located in Veneto, in the North East of Italy, half an hour from Venice where all the raw product is concentrated and where fresh cut processing takes place. The company mission is to nurture quality and relationships based on the highest standards of the global market, to increase the value of products, producers, collaborators and customers, using an innovative and responsible model, capable of redefining the culture of agriculture. 65% of the Cultiva business is represented by supplies, and collaboration with the greatest international players in the fresh-cut sector in Europe and America. The remaining 35% of the business is represented by the collaboration with highly skilled international retailers, that trust Cultiva with the development of their brand in ready to use. Production is carried out in the Taglio di Po facilities.

    Raytec Vision

    Raytec Vision SpA was founded in 2001 in Parma, from the meeting of three industrial worlds united by a single passion: establishing itself in quality control for the food indusrty.

    Since the beginning of their activity they have been proposing on the market with a wide range of innovative machines, such as optical sorters for raw materials (for example tomatoes, potatoes and peppers) and for processed products (such as salad, fruit cubes, or jam); X-ray inspection machines for packaged and non-packaged products.

    With more than 15 years of experience in different segments of the agri-food market and more than 1500 machines installed in the world, Raytec is today one of the major suppliers in the sector of optical sorting for food products, able to propose customized solutions for quality control and safety that meet the needs of each customer.